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Custom Teeth Night Guard

Clenching your teeth while asleep is the result of some of the strongest muscles in your body tensing up, which can over time damage your teeth, cause morning headaches, sore jaws, stiff necks and sensitive teeth.

The NTI (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Control Device) is an acrylic mini-splint that hugs the front four teeth, reducing the intensity of jaw-clenching during sleep and the symptoms that come along with it.

Prolonged teeth grinding can cause irreversible tooth damage.  The edges of teeth get worn down and chip over time. 

The constant pressure from grinding causes teeth to flex and bend.  This pressure is then transmitted to the gums and bone that support our teeth.  Which leads to gum recession and root exposure.  Teeth can become significantly sensitive as a result.

The NTI is the smallest and most comfortable appliance ever invented to prevent the damage caused by teeth grinding. It’s stable enough, so it does not move while asleep. And it’s strong enough to last for years, even for the most severe grinders.

If certain spots on your forehead, temples and back of the skull feel very tender when pressure is applied, you are likely clenching your jaw at night.

Patients typically get relief from tension headaches within the first week, but with migraines it may take a few weeks. In clinical trials on migraine patients, 82 percent reported a reduction in their migraine frequency.

If you are one of the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from migraine or tension headaches please contact us about the NTI Tension Control Device.

Small & Comfortable Night Guard

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A full arch dental night guard provides maximum protection against night time grinding, also known as bruxism.  This simple device when used consistently protects teeth from being damaged by the wears of night time grinding and clenching.  Patients who use the full arch night guard regularly, report less tension headaches, TMJ discomfort, and better sleep.

While this appliance may seem bulky at first.  Many of our patients get used to sleeping with it.  Usually it just takes a consistent effort for a week, then you’ll wonder how you ever slept without a night guard.   

Full arch Dental Night Guard

Full Arch Night Guard for Maximum Protection

Prevent costly Tooth Fracture

Veneer tooth fracture
Fractured Porcelain Veneer due to teeth grinding

We often see in our office patients who break or chip their teeth from the excessive night time forces.   Dental work like porcelain veneers and crowns are even more susceptible than natural teeth to breaking or chipping.  Sometimes a healthy tooth may  fracture requiring either a root canal or a tooth extraction.

Other times patient come in complaining of tooth pain from excessive grinding at night.   These are situations,  nothing has broken, but the nerve in the tooth and the surrounding ligaments are reversibly injured from the excessive pressure caused by grinding.   Usually, a soft diet and wearing the night guard will give the tooth enough rest to recover in about 3-5 days.

Do Dental Insurance plans cover a Custom Night Guard?

Our office works with most Dental Insurance PPO Plans which will pay either a portion or cover the fabrication of the custom night guard in full.   Our insurance experts will verify your benefits and work to maximize your benefits while minimizing your out of pocket expense

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Emergency tooth fracture from teeth grinding
Crown fracture from bruxism

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can occur when a person is sleeping or awake.  The causes for teeth grinding can differ person to person.  Most people don’t know why they grind their teeth.  More than half the people who grind their teeth in their sleep are not aware of their habit.  

Signs of teeth grinding can be jaw pain in the TMJ, headaches, earaches, and visible tooth damage.  

A mouth guard for teeth is the most effective method for treating bruxism.  Mouth guards help to protect teeth from the high impact of bruxism.  

Your dentist is able to evaluate your teeth for signs of teeth grinding or bruxism.   A sure sign that you’re grinding your teeth at night, is when you can see small holes developing on the surface of molars.   This happens as the tooth is gradually ground down during sleep.  Over time if a night guard is not worn teeth will continue to get smaller and these holes will be keep growing as more enamel gets worn down.  These teeth are also at a risk of being fractured, breaking, or needing a root canal from the tremendous pressure that bruxers can exert.  Wearing a night guard during sleep is a simple yet very effective way for preventing this tooth damage from progressing.

How do I tell if I'm grinding my teeth?

severe grinding on molars
severe grinding on molars. Molar teeth have small holes where enamel has been ground down.