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Painless Root Canal in NYC

For most people there’s nothing more frightening than to hear the dreaded two words “root canal”.  What many people don’t know is that a root canal can get you out of pain and save your tooth.  Our painless root canal in NYC is completely pain free and there’s minimal discomfort afterwards.

When a tooth hurts, it could be because there’s something wrong with the nerve inside the tooth.  In these situations, performing a root canal will clean out the damaged nerves and disinfect the tooth.  This will take away the pain and save the tooth.

A tooth can cause pain when a deep cavity has reached the nerve.  If this happens the bacteria travels from the cavity irritating the nerves inside of the tooth causing discomfort.

To save the tooth, the infected infected nerve tissue needs to be removed.  The tooth is then disinfected and sealed with medication.  That’s all a root canal really does.

Sometimes, you can start feeling extreme sensitivity or pain when a tooth has an existing crown or a large filling close to the nerve.  Whenever a tooth has had significant work done there’s a chance the nerve may react adversely immediately or many years down the road.  In these situations a root canal will relieve the pain and sensitivity.

Once the root canal is complete a dental crown is usually recommended for the tooth.  The crown helps to keep the tooth strong and prevents the tooth from fracturing.

Does the tooth causing pain need a Root canal?


Why does My Tooth Need a Root canal?

A tooth requires a root canal when the nerve tissue inside has become inflamed or infected.   The most common cause for the tooth nerves to become infected is a large cavity that reaches the nerve.  A tooth cavity is full of bacteria.   When the bacteria enters the nerve they cause infection and inflammation resulting in pain.  

Another reason nerve tissue inside a tooth may become inflamed is a deep dental filling sitting near the nerve.  The filling if too close to the nerve may irritate the nerve causing pain and discomfort.  Your dentist will determine whether this inflammation maybe reversible.  

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Does My Dental Insurance Plan pay for A Root Canal?

Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and minimize your out of pocket costs.  Our insurance specialists will verify your insurance prior to starting any dental work.  Our prices are always transparent.

Most insurance Dental PPO Plans cover 80% or 90% of the root canal fees.  Our front office experts process all the necessary insurance paper work and submit necessary x-rays to get your procedure covered.

Painless Root Canal

molar root canal

Root Canals have a bad reputation.   In reality, most root canals performed in our office are completely pain free.  Root canals actually help people get out of pain fast.  At Smile Arts of NY we are experts at administering the right amount of anesthesia.  Our patients report their root canal experience to be painless.  Using modern technology we administer painless injections with the Dental Vibe.   

Most patients report mild soreness after a root canal.  While many feel much better after the procedure. 

#1 We use rotary root canal instruments.  Unlike root canals of the past which used manual hand instrumentation.  We use rotary instrumentation to clean the teeth more efficiently, faster, and more thoroughly.

2.  We always use brand new root canal files.  We DO  NOT sterilize our files for re-use.  Although this is a common practice in most dental offices, we find that using files that have been heated in an autoclave degrades the quality of the instruments.  This leads to a complication known as file separation during the root canal procedure.  Where a piece of the instrument breaks off inside the tooth.  This separated file is usually very difficult or impossible to retrieve.  In our office we almost never have a file separation because all of our endodontic files are brand new out of the box for every patient.

3. We use an Apex locator.  This wonderful instrument lets us know exactly where we are inside the tooth canals.  This way we are sure to properly clean the entire root of the tooth.  We want to be sure not to leave any infection, nerve tissue, or debris behind.

4. Our years of Experience in providing quality service..  We do lots of root canals in our office.  We have the experience to do a beautiful job on your root canal.  You can have the crown conveniently done after the root canal in our office as well. 

Why we are the Best Dental Office for your Root canal

apex locator

How Long will A Root Canal Tooth Last?

dental warranty

While there’s no way to accurately predict how long a tooth will last, we stand behind our work with an industry leading 5 year limited warranty on all dental work.  Many teeth with root canals last well over 10 or 15 years.  

One of the  keys to having a successful outcome is getting a crown for the root canal tooth.  A crown will reduce the risk of tooth fracturing and breaking. 

Another way to keep your tooth healthy is to visit your dentist for routine dental check-ups and cleanings every six months.  Root canal teeth can still get cavities and it’s important to have them inspected regularly.  It’s much easier to prevent problems from occurring rather than doing major dental work later to fix them.  

Most root canals can be completed in one visit.  There are circumstances that may require an additional visit in cases of a large infection or calcified canals.  

Usually the root canal is completed on the first visit.  The second visit is to work on making a crown for the root canal tooth.

How Many Visits are required for a root canal?

What should I expect after a root canal?

Soreness and mild discomfort is usually controlled well with NSAIDs (i.e. Ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve.)  Tylenol can be taken in addition for pain if needed.  Most patients only have mild soreness after a root canal and go on with their day as normal once the anesthesia wears off.

How Long will A root canal tooth Last?

The root canal procedure has a high success rate of over 95% when performed correctly.  The root canal tooth on average can last between 10-15 years.

Can a root canal tooth to fail?

While the root canal procedure is highly successful.  There are times when the root canal treatment can fail.  Below are the most common reasons for root canal failure. 

  1. The tooth may fracture.   A tooth with a root canal is more likely to fracture if it doesn’t get a crown.  Teeth are more fragile after a root canal.  Which makes them more susceptible to breakage.  A crown will help strengthen the tooth to keep it from breaking.  A night guard is a helpful preventative tool for patients who are grinding their teeth at night. 
  2. The infection may persist even after the root canal.  The goal of a root canal is to completely disinfect and sterilize the space within the roots where the nerve tissue and blood vessels previously resided.  For numerous reasons bacteria can persist even after a root canal.  This bacterial infection can cause the root canal tooth to fail in the future. 

Feedback from Our Root Canal Patients

This is by far my favorite dentist office in New York City. Every time I come it’s a positive and incredible experience. Everyone from the secretary to the dentist is incredibly kind. I come here every 3 to 4 months for a cleaning. On top of that I had my root canal taken care of at this location. Everyone is extremely professional. One thing I like about this place is how clean it is. Most dentist offices are clean. But this place is extremely clean and organized. I will definitely be coming back.  — Corey C.

The staff is very sweet and polite. I had a Root Canal and Dr. Mann took care of it, no pain and super quick. The hygienist was excellent as well and very knowledgable. I have never left Dr. Mann’s Office disappointed!  —  Rosalina L. on Zocdoc

  Professional, straight forward. Great job-root canal.   — Anibal C. on Zocdoc

  I have been trusting Dr. Mann with my teeth, since Invisalign to veneers to the occasional root canal and regular bi-annual cleaning. And my teeth look amazing! Smile Arts of NY team are excellent at what they do! They will take care of you (and your teeth, of course)!  —  Gina P. on Facebook

  I required an emergency root canal during the weekend and thank goodness Dr. Tong has office hours on Sundays. It was my first time getting a root canal procedure done and Dr. Tong was extremely thorough and patient. She walked me through every step she took and answered all of my questions. After the procedure, Dr. Tong even checked in on me with a call, which was greatly appreciated. The entire process went smoothly and I even had my usual family dentist confirm that she did an amazing job on my tooth.  — Frank L. on Zocdoc

  No one enjoys a root canal, but having one performed by Dr. Chen is about as pleasant as it can be. She checked in with me throughout the process and made sure I was sufficiently numb and comfortable. Her assistants are great too.   — Anna K. on Zocdoc

  I had two root canals here. I have always been afraid going to the dentist but the staff here are friendly and Dr. Mann made me feel really at ease and before I knew it the procedure was over.  I would highly recommend Dr. Mann.  — Daniel C. on Yelp

Dr. Mann was great! He saw me very quickly with tooth emergency. His evaluation gave me confidence that I’d see him again. He said to wait on the root canal to see how tooth reacts over a week. Then he re-evaluated and did what was necessary to ensure my teeth had a clean bill of health.  — Toni T. on Zocdoc

 Dr. Mann and his staff are the best. I needed an emergency root canal and they took great care of me. The procedure was quick and basically painless. I didn’t even need to take any pain relievers afterward. These people are professional, friendly and compassionate. I highly recommend them. Dr. Mann is a great dentist.  — Robin D. on Yelp

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