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Dental Cleaning in NYC

Cleaning your teeth well at home is an important part of a successful oral hygiene routine.  Combining regular brushing and flossing (or an oral irrigator) along with a routine visit to the dental office every 6 months will keep your smile healthy and will protect your teeth from cavities and gum disease.

The dentist uses professional tools, such as the ultrasonic, to remove plaque, tartar, stains and bacteria build-up that accumulate over the six months period. Going to your dentist  twice a year will help ensure a beautiful healthy long lasting smile.

During a professional dental cleaning the dentist will use a variety of instruments to gently clean your gums and the surface of your teeth.

The dentist will first use an ultrasonic; this machine vibrates to gently loosen and remove plaque, stains, and tartar from your teeth and gums. Afterwards, to make sure teeth are perfectly clean, the dentist will gently scrape to make sure any additional plaque and tartar is removed.

Finally, the dentist will polish your teeth with a special kind of toothpaste that polishes and cleans your teeth. Then the dentist may floss your teeth to make sure their surface feel perfectly smooth and clean.

What is a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Your Comfort is our Priority

Many of our patients enjoy coming in for a routine cleaning. The professional teeth cleaning is a pain free and easy process. In presence of gingivitis, or receding gums patients may feel a slight amount of discomfort.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please let the dentist know right away so they can take measures to alleviate your discomfort. Applying a topical numbing gel will make it so you do not feel the sensations of scaling and polishing.

Taking these simple measures will make you feel comfortable during the simple cleaning procedure so that you don’t need to undergo more invasive and costly gum disease treatments or cavities down the road.

On your routine dental cleaning your dentist can advise what areas to focus on when flossing or using an Oral Irrigator.  If gingivitis is left untreated it can proceed to a condition that can damage the gums permanently called periodontal disease.

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What are the Health Benefits of a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Your oral health generally depends on your oral home care (brushing and flossing) and your commitment to seeing your dentist every six months for a routine dental check-up and a professional teeth cleaning.

You may wonder why you should visit the dentist so often if you are taking great care of your teeth and gums on your own. But even the most diligent patient can miss hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and leave themselves vulnerable to tooth decay and gingivitis.

Your routine six-month check-up will ensure that your dentist spots any problems such as cavities and gum disease early in their development. Professional teeth cleaning will remove plaque and tartar build-up in which may prevent future oral health problems.

The ADA (American Dental Asssociation) also recommends a dental cleaning every six months.

Before Dental Cleaning Photos

Plaque and calculus on teeth can cause gum inflammation.  Once teeth are free of plaque the gums will return to health within a few days.

After Dental Cleaning Photos

Does Dental Insurance Cover Two Dental Cleanings?

Yes, fortunately dental insurance companies recognize the importance of going to the dentist twice a year. They realize in the long term prevention is much less expensive than treatment.

Most insurances will cover the routine dental visit at 100% That means no out of pocket payment for our patients. Our office accepts most PPO dental plans; such as Aetna, Cigna, DeltaDental, Guardian, Metlife, and others.

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