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Flexible Valplast Partial Dentures NYC

Valplast partial dentures are flexible yet strong removable dentures that provide a comfortable feel and natural look. Valplast partials are completely metal free, unlike traditional partial dentures. Valplast dentures adapt to the constant movement of your mouth while offering the strength and reliability of natural teeth.

The fitting procedure is simple and noninvasive. The process of creating a flexi denture usually involves just a single appointment for the dentist to take easy impressions and pick a color for the teeth. The following visit, our new valplast flexible partials are ready to wear. Valplast dentures are the easiest and least invasive way to rebuild a smile.

Valplast provide a fully functional yet esthetically superior removable partial. These flexible partial dentures adjust with the natural contours of the mouth. The natural hue of each appliance allows them to blend with the surrounding gums and dentition.

Before and After Valplast Denture Patient photos

Upper and Lower Flexible Valplast Dentures