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New York City Dentist - NYC Dentist

Our NYC Dental Office Philosophy

Founded in 2010 in midtown Manhattan by a NYC dentist, Dr. Peter Mann, with a vision to deliver highest quality dental care in a modern, caring, and comfortable dental office environment.  Welcome to our modern midtown Manhattan dental office, our team of highly trained NYC dentists is ready to provide you with an amazing experience.  Over the last decade our office has steadily grown organically.  We’ve invested back consistently by improving the office and keeping up with the latest in dental technology.  Our office has been renovated recently.  Among many improvements are the air circulation and purification systems that have been significantly upgraded.   Our highly trained dental team is ready to make your next visit to your NYC dentist comfortable.   Our core values are shared amongst all our team members including Dentists, Dental Hygienists, dental assistants, and front desk staff.  We strive to make your experience seamless from the moment you make your appointment and throughout your entire visit with us.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in offering transparent pricing.   You will never receive surprise bills from us.  We strive to deliver affordable dental care.   Our team is very good at working with insurance carriers to maximize your benefits and minimize out of pocket expense.   Most Dental PPO insurance plans are accepted.   

Minimally Invasive Dentists

We firm believers in that “less dentistry is the best dentistry.”  Our approach is to provide minimally invasive dental treatments.  Our office philosophy is that prevention is the best medicine.  Routine dental visits, having two teeth cleanings per year, can prevent many dental problems.  Extensive dental procedures can often be avoided when visiting the dentist regularly.  During these routine dental visits our dental team can help you manage potential future problems early on, while they can still be managed easily and inexpensively.

Honest and Ethical Dental Care in NYC

We take immense pride in our work.   Quality dentistry takes patience, diligence, and team work.  We don’t believe in taking short cuts.   The patients we work on become part of our family.  High quality materials combined with careful craftsmanship create best outcomes that last. Standing behind our work, our office offers a 5 year industry leading warranty on all of our dental work.  

We Value Your Time

Time is valuable to busy New Yorkers.  We do our best to run on time and we will almost always seat you within a few minutes of your arrival.    Give our office a try, experience what the best dental office in NY can offer.

best dentist ManhattanThe whole staff is very professional, friendly and honest. I recommended Dr. Tong to all of of my friends! — by Paolo S. on Zocdoc.

best dentist Manhattan Dr. Mann is the greatest dentist I’ve ever been to. He is kind, honest, and works quickly. Unlike other dentists in NYC, Dr. Mann never overcharges or creates unnecessary work. I highly recommend him.  — by Christine D. on Google

best dentist ManhattanDr. Chen is the best dentist ever. Dental care doesn’t have to be traumatic! I would highly recommend her services. In addition, the office staff are all lovely and professional.  — by Anna K. on Zocdoc

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Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentists focus on creating beautiful eye pleasing results.  Dentistry is an art and a science.  Every procedure we perform is done with “Esthetics” in mind.  Even a simple dental filling involves meticulous precision for the final outcome to look like a naturally pleasing esthetic tooth.  Our dentists take immense pride in crafting beautiful dental work that’s made to last.  Improving someone’s smile and teeth with cosmetic dental procedures is extremely rewarding as it improves their self-esteem and quality of life.

The most common cosmetic dental procedure we perform is Teeth Whitening.   Our patients love it because it’s non-invasive, painless, and results are instantaneous.  In-office teeth whitening takes about an hour.  The process exfoliates stubborn stains from teeth leaving them brighter and whiter.  

When a tooth needs to be restored with a porcelain veneer, a crown, onlay or an inlay we work with master ceramists create pieces of art that mimic natural tooth structure.  Visit our before and after photo gallery of our patients for some amazing cosmetic results.

best dentist Manhattan The office is very out of the way for me, but I still come here because they’re SO GOOD! Fast and efficient (my teeth cleanings never hurt), friendly, and honest. I don’t trust any other dental offices in Manhattan!   —- by Alexa N. on Google

best dentist Manhattan This office and the people that work there are amazing. Honestly, it’s the best experience I’ve had with any medical/dental office (or most any office for that matter). I recommend them very, very highly.   —- by Casey B. on Google

best dentist Manhattan Honest and informative visit. Got a cleaning and was willing to answer any questions I had with detailed explanations. Will come back again.   — by Brandon H. on Zocdoc

best dentist Manhattan AMAZING, wonderful kind honest environment 🙂   —- by Raven R. on Zocdoc

General Dentistry

 Smile Arts of NY was established in 2010.  In over a decade of practicing dentistry in New York City we’ve seen almost every problem imaginable.  General dentistry includes a wide array of procedures from routine dental cleanings, to fillings, to complete smile makeovers.  Dental fillings for cavities are one of the most common procedures we perform.  We check for Dental Cavities during your routine six months visits.  Tooth decay is damage that’s caused by bacteria when food stays on a tooth for prolonged periods of time.  When the cavity is just starting, we can advise you  on how to floss the area better and use Fluoride to help re-mineralize the enamel.   We’ll monitor this small cavity every six months.  If the cavity progresses we’ll clean it and replace it with a small white dental filling.  We always use the mercury free white fillings.  During the routine bi-annual visits we’ll also inspect and clean the gums.  This helps prevent gum disease from occurring in the future.

A root canal is necessary when a cavity has grown large enough that it comes in contact with the nerve of the tooth.   The tooth may start to hurt as the bacteria in the cavity irritates the nerve.  While we try to avoid a root canal when possible, the root canal procedure will get the patient out of pain.  The infected tooth is disinfected and filled with medications so bacteria cannot grow inside the tooth.  Contrary to popular belief, the root canal procedure is rarely painful

A crown is usually required for the root canal treated tooth.  A crown will replace the missing parts of the tooth and completely cover it to prevent the tooth from breaking in the future. 

Although we always try to save teeth, there comes a time when a tooth is in such bad shape that it cannot be saved.  Most tooth extractions  and even wisdom teeth extractions can be performed  in our office.  Most of the time tooth extractions are quick and painless.   A dental implant is recommended to replace a missing tooth.  We usually wait at least four months for the extraction site to heal before placing a dental implant.  Another four to six months later the implant is strong enough to get a crown.

Most dental procedures can be done in our office.  In case a procedure is a bit too complicated, we have great relationships with some of the best dental specialists in NYC who will tend to your needs.