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Dental Implants Before & After Photos of our patients

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.  In our office we use different sizes of implants to best suit your unique situation.  Thinner implants called mini-dental implants are great to replace smaller teeth.   Wider diameter implants are placed in the molar areas and where there’s enough bone to support these dental implants.   Using 3D technology our dentists measure the bone to know which size implant works best in your situation.

Premolar Dental Implant crown

27 year old female patient was missing a premolar tooth because of cavities.   Regular size implant was left to heal for six months.  A porcelain ceramic dental implant crown was cemented for a beautiful outcome.


29 year old male patient lost his premolar tooth because the root canal procedure didn’t work out.   A Standard implant was placed and allowed to heal for six months prior to making the crown.  An impression was taken of the implant to make a ceramic porcelain implant crown.

implants2 (1)

Patient was missing his four upper front teeth due to a motorcycle accident.  We were able to place three regular size dental implants.  We allowed implants to integrate with the bone for six months to achieve best stability. Impression was then taken to create a 4-unit dental implant bridge. 

front teeth dental implants

Patient was missing a front upper tooth when a root canal failed.  The implant procedure was successful.  After allowing for six months of bone of integration.  We restored the implant with a porcelain dental implant crown for an excellent outcome.

Mini Dental Implant x-ray
mini dental implant

26 year old male patient was missing his lower incisor.  The space was too narrow for a conventional dental implant.  Dr. Peter Mann placed a thin diameter dental implant.  The impression for a crown was taken the same visit.  Two weeks later the final ceramic dental implant crown was cemented. 

29 year old female patient is missing her uppercentral incisors due to an unfortunate car accident.  In this situation her bone was too thin for a wide implant.  3.00mm in diameter hybrid size diameter dental implants were used.  The patient got temporary crowns on her first visit.  Two weeks later her dental implant crowns were cemented.

The upper front teeth were extracted because the root canals had failed.  Due to the complex nature of this case, we worked with a wonderful periodontist, Dr. Scott Froum, who bone grafted the area and placed two dental implants.

We allowed six months of integration to bone for these dental implants.   After six months, abutments were inserted Impressions were taken to fabricate porcelain dental implant crowns.

molar porcelain implant crown

A molar tooth porcelain dental implant crown.  It has a small hole on top to give access to the implant abutment screw.  In case we need to remove the abutment and implant crown, this hole will provide easy access.  The hole is sealed with a composite resin filling which can be easily removed when needed.   This crown is cemented to the dental implant abutment.