Can Red Wine Prevent Dental Cavities?

You may already know, the skin of red grapes contains antioxidants which can repair damage done to your body’s cells by free radicals. Consuming antioxidants can lower your chances of developing heart disease and cancer.  But, did you know wine also has cavity-fighting benefits? For anyone searching for another reason to enjoy a glass of […]

Root Canal Advancements

Technological Advancements in Root Canal Dentistry The words “root canal,” may be the most dreaded two words in the English language. Fortunately, there are many advances in dentistry that make root canals painless, more comfortable, easier, and faster than ever before. Tooth pain may be a symptom indicating there’s something wrong with the nerve inside a […]

Three Tricks for a Painless Dental Injection

According to recent surveys 56% of patient’s find the dental injection to be the least pleasant part of their dental visit. Whether you have a dental emergency or about to get a composite filling, a CEREC crown, or a dental veneer the anesthetic is a necessary part of the procedure for your comfort. Hopefully, our technology will one day reach a […]