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The Oral Irrigator, also commonly known as a waterpik, can work well in conjunction with Flossing

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New technology is constantly being developed to improve and change our lives.  We feel that one of the least talked about inventions in the dental world has been the Oral irrigator.  At Smile Arts of NY we’ve been recommending Oral irrigators for years with amazing results.  Thanks to this device our patients’ gums have stopped bleeding, gingivitis has been eradicated, and their oral health in general has been drastically improved.  It’s a great tool in preventive dentistry to eliminate possible future dental cavities or gum issues such as gingivitis.

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As dental professionals we realize that flossing is time consuming and very challenging to perform correctly.   Studies show that less 10% of us floss daily because it’s so time consuming.  Out of those who floss regularly, many aren’t flossing correctly daily because it’s such a challenge to get in between every single tooth on a daily bases.

There are many advantages to using an Oral irrigator

1. An Oral Irrigator is easy to use

If you can use a water gun then you have the skills to efficiently use an Oral Irrigator.  The Oral Irrigator will spray a jet of water to remove plaque and tartar.  All you have to do is aim it between your teeth and under the gums.  We recommend using this device in your shower to avoid making a large mess.

2. Gentle on the gums

Flossing is one of the best ways to clean your gums and in between teeth. However, if you’re pressing the floss too hard  it’s possible to cut your gums.  The Oral Irrigator can be gentler on your gums than flossing.  It’s impossible to damage your gums with the jet of water streaming from this device.

3. The oral Irrigator efficiently cleans hard to reach places

This can be considered the best use of the oral irrigator. Some of us have areas that the floss just cannot reach.  If you have deeper pockets or a space between teeth that is a bit too wide for floss to clean effectively.  The water irrigator shoots water to clean those areas with ease.  We recommend patients who have existing dental work such as dental bridges and dental implants to use the waterpik regularly in addition to flossing these areas.

4. Oral Irrigator Efficiently Cleans Prosthetics.

The longevity of existing prosthetics such as bridges and dental implants depends entirely on good oral hygiene practiced at home.  Although we have many different flossers on the market to clean dental bridges, it’s much easier and very effective to use an oral irrigator.   In cases where there is more than one dental implant, they are often connected which makes it difficult to floss.   On a low setting it can efficiently clean dental implants, eliminating the need to floss.  Both kids and adults with braces should use an oral irrigator to keep good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment

Take of your oral health by using the Oral Irrigator daily and make sure to see the dentist for a routine dental cleaning every 6 months.  Our office accepts all major PPO Dental plans which will cover your routine dental visit in full.  Aetna, Cigna, Guardian, Metlife, DeltaDental, SunLife Financial, United Concordia and other PPO plans can be used for the dental visit.  Please call our office for more information (212)537-6923

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