Root Canal NYC

Root Canal Dentist NYC

For most people there’s nothing more frightening than to hear the dreaded two words “root canal”.  What many people don’t know is that a root canal can get you out of pain and save your tooth.  Usually, the root canal procedure is completely pain free and there’s minimal discomfort afterwards.

When a tooth hurts, it could be because there’s something wrong with the nerve inside the tooth.  In these situations, cleaning out the damaged nerves and disinfecting the tooth will take away the pain and save the tooth.

A tooth can cause pain when a deep cavity has reached the nerve.  If this happens the bacteria travels from the cavity irritating the nerves inside of the tooth causing discomfort.  The only way to save the tooth is by removing the infected nerve tissue and replacing it with medication.  That’s all a root canal really does.

Sometimes, you can start feeling extreme sensitivity or pain when a tooth has an existing crown or a large filling close to the nerve.  Whenever a tooth has had significant work done there’s a chance the nerve may react adversely immediately or many years down the road.  In these situations a root canal will relieve the pain and sensitivity.

Once the root canal is complete a dental crown is usually recommended for the tooth.  The crown helps to keep the tooth strong and prevents the tooth from fracturing.

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