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Get Your Best Looking Smile Before the Wedding Day with Professional In-Office LED Teeth Whitening

wedding teeth whitening

It’s been said before that a “smile is your most important accessory.”  When people see you, they recognize your smile before anything else.   We recommend a Professional teeth whitening procedure that uses 35% Hydorgen Peroxide activated by LED Light.  Approximately two weeks before the big day is the best time to schedule the teeth whitening procedure.  

Teeth whitening is a quick in-office procedure that takes about an hour to complete.  The teeth whitening results are instantaneous.  Years off coffee, tea, juice and soda stains are lifted away during your visit.  You can smile with confidence because of your bright white smile.  

Check out our complete guide to teeth whitening to familiarize yourself with the process.  We also have a gallery of photos from before and after teeth whitening procedure. 


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About Dr. Peter Mann

Dr. Peter Mann NYC

After working with some of the top world renowned dentists throughout New York City; in 2009 Dr. Mann decided it was time to achieve his vision by opening the Smile Arts of NY in the heart of Manhattan on E. 40th between Madison and Park ave.

Originally born in Ukraine, when communism collapsed his family took the opportunity to pursue the American dream and moved to New York. Dr. Peter Mann has lived in New York ever since, for over 22 years. His goal is to provide excellent dental experience for his fellow New Yorkers.

Dr. Mann lives minutes from the office. Patients undergoing treatment have his cell phone number and can always get in touch with any questions or concerns. It’s not unusual to see Dr. Mann arriving after hours to help a patient with an emergency.