Safety Steps We Are Taking To Fight COVID

What to Expect at your next appointment



  1. Patients please Keep your face covering on until the COVID Test is finished.
  2. Keeping New Yorkers Safe is our #1 Priority. We are testing Everyone we come in contact with. (workers + patients)
    • The Rapid Finger stick test checks for antibodies. All of our healthcare workers are tested weekly.
    • We accept recent COVID lab work within the past 5 days. (must be done by a lab or doctor’s office. Please have test results ready prior to making an appointment. Self-tests do not qualify.)
    • Temperature test
    • Health history Test
  3. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, Bathrooms are closed to patients. (Unfortunately, it’s impossible to sanitize restrooms after every person)
  4. Acrylic glass barrier in Reception area.
  5. Rapid Check-in. We try to seat patients within 2 minutes of arrival.
  6. Rapid Check-out. Patient can schedule their next appointment via phone, e-mail, text, or online (
  7. All surfaces a patient can touch are covered w/disposable plastic.
    • Every piece of plastic the patient may have touched is replaced.
    • Plastic Full chair plastic covers for every patient
    • Everything we use must come from a plastic wrap
    • Impression trays individually wrapped in plastic
    • We remove trash from the rooms after Each patient in biohazard bags.
  8. Air is circulated by Medical HEPA Air Filtration Devices in each room.
  9. Dedicated Fujitsu air cassettes circulating fresh air and cooling rooms 68-70 degrees C.
  10. Additional time is allotted for our healthcare workers to disinfect rooms.
  11. Our Essential Healthcare workers are wearing improved Disposable Personal protective gear (hair caps, glasses, Face shields, gowns, N95 masks, bootsies)
  12. We Using Our Large operatories ONLY
  13. Rooms are treated with a medical grade UV Light, used by ambulances, to disinfect operatories after every patient.
  14. Patients rinse with Mouthwash before appointment (to reduce microbes)
  15. Patients receive fresh Gloves before being seated.
  16. Patients are given fresh Masks after their appointment. (individual wrap)
  17. All instruments undergo a 3 step Deep Cleaning process.
    • 1st. They’re dropped in a clorox-soap solution bath
    • 2nd Instruments enter a 360 degree commercial washer.
    • 3rd Wrapped in pouches, the Instruments undergo a dry sterilization cycle at 460 degrees celsius.