Get your best looking smile before the wedding day with Professional in-office LED teeth whitening

It’s been said before that a “smile is your most important accessory.”  When people see you, they recognize your smile before anything else.   We recommend a Professional LED teeth whitening procedure that uses 35% Hydorgen Peroxide approximately two weeks before the big day.   Teeth whitening is a quick in-office procedure … Read More

Cosmetic make-over of the week: replacing dental crowns

Dental crowns are a beautiful esthetic option to repair a tooth after it has suffered a fracture, deep cavity, or any other trauma.  A crown replaces a significant amount of tooth structure in a damaged tooth.  Crowns in the past were not nearly as cosmetic as what we can achieve today.  Cosmetic … Read More

Are old crowns worth replacing?

Technology has improved greatly over the last decade.  Dental crowns are currently much more cosmetic that the crowns of the past.  For one, our crowns no longer contain any metals.  The zirconium material is comparable to the strength of metals and much more cosmetic. The gentleman above had 20 year old crowns … Read More

Cosmetic dental options: crowns vs veneers

From speaking to patients, I noticed there’s a lot of confusion regarding crowns versus veneers to improve a person’s smile.  People often wonder which one looks better and what’s better for them.   As far as esthetics are concerned both can be made to look highly esthetic.  Currently, our office doesn’t … Read More

7 things you may not know about teeth whitening

1. Teeth Whitening works on a molecular level Ever wonder how teeth whitening actually works?  Well, there’s a science to teeth whitening. The active ingredient in professional teeth whitening is Hydrogen peroxide. The Hydrogen Peroxide molecules are not very stable, so they tend to breakdown quickly. As Hydrogen Peroxide molecules … Read More